Letter to my mother

It has come to attention recently that my family has been acting like a bunch of ratbastards… so in order to keep a civil tongue in my mouth I am sharing what I would like to say to her here:

Dear Mom and SD (Step-Dad),

It has recently come to my attention that you and SD have been making disparaging comments about me. While I can not control your opinions on me, my life, or my family, I do have something to say on the matter. You will keep your commentary, quips, and “observations” to yourselves in the presence of my children. If you can not refrain from talking shit about me in front of my children then you will refrain from being with my children. You will also hold no reasonable expectation that if you are slamming me in hearing distance of my husband that he will not defend me… he is my husband and I would expect nothing less than for him to defend me to ANYONE, including my family who should know better.

If you are letting me use your vehicle, you will not bitch if I use the air-conditioning, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE! Sometimes when the vehicle has set in the direct sun all day, even if it’s only 60, it is hot when I get into it and I am not going to use the windows with my small children (who are prone to ear problems) are in the backseat. If you have an issue with this either have the balls to say it to my face or keep your traps shut.

I don’t know what has happened to make our relationship so strained, and I wish I could fix it, but I fear that it may be outside of my control.

I will always love you and you will always be my best friend, but I want my mother back, not whatever it is that you have become.

Love always

Your Daughter



Now I have said it

Now it is no longer weighs heavy on my heart




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