The Pride of a Mother



So I’m late… as usual. But if I hadn’t waited I wouldn’t have had this amazing thing to write about….

My oldest daughter, Ladybug, decided that she wanted to do baton this year (which she at the time called sticks) and since she is 4, she was old enough to be in the little ones of one of the local twirl groups. We’ve been practicing and practicing until we’re blue in the face and mom has been tired, exasperated, mad, impatient…all while trying to be loving, understanding, patient, and kind (Not sure it always worked out.)

Last night was their first test, the first parade of the season! And it was for our hometown festival, which made it even more important. I had volunteered to walk with the kids, and my heart almost burst with pride and my Ladybug. She shined like the sun! She was radiant and attentive, she marched the WHOLE parade never once asking to be put in a wagon or carried. She did as much of the routine as she could every time the music came on (which was A LOT). She was my big little girl and I am so proud of her that I could just sit and cry (which I am actually doing).

So I guess to make a long story short (too late), I am proud of my children. Endlessly, tirelessly, heart-breakingly proud.



2 Responses to “The Pride of a Mother”

  1. Sometimes I think we work as hard as our kids, maybe harder, to help them reach their first accomplishments. Go mom!

  2. This made me smile so big.

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