Theatre, Politics, and Playing the Game

I’m not sure that I have ever mentioned this, but I’m a theatre person. (Obviously since I still refuse to spell it with the Americanized “er”, for more see: Theatre Vs. Theater) and since getting my Bachelors I have mainly worked with community theatres. There are some things that are inherent in all theatres, but especially community ones:

  • More “pull” in the community = better rolls
  • The better you “play the game” the better the rolls you get
  • Follow the money

Community theatre, while some produce amazing results, is usually a harsh environment. It can turn people, especially fragile youths, off to the whole world of theatre.

So here are my 2 cents… If you are on the board of one of these theatres, be mindful that money doesn’t always equal talent, and that better quality shows equal higher attendance, which in the end equals more money.


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