Pay it forward!

There has been alot of talk recently about people “Paying it Forward,” and I would ask…

Is paying for someone’s “Tall! Decaf! Cappuccino!” really being a good Samaritan?

Wouldn’t that $5 be better spent at a food bank? Or to that homeless shelter down the street?
Have we really became so consumerist that we feel that buying someone’s coffee (who obviously has spare funds if they are in line for gourmet  coffee) is doing the world a favor? Do people really expect an award for holding the door for someone, stopping for people in a crosswalk, or letting someone out in traffic?

These are not Acts of Random Kindness, these are common courtesy!

You want to see something exceptional? Go on over to The Insomniac’s Dream and read her post on a Good Samaritan, then look at your $5 cappuccino and ask if it’s the same!


9 Responses to “Pay it forward!”

  1. JennSomethingClever Says:

    You’re damn right! And look at you, paying it forward by linking to another blog! Did you know it’s her birthday today? You can call this your gift.

  2. Oh! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. We all need more common courtesy in our lives!

    • I do not disagree with that at all, but people act like they should get a medal for doing something that should just be human decency, in my opinion.

  4. Buying a coffee is a little bit different (okay, a lot different) in Europe, where the tradition started. I see your point though.

  5. baby steps. we have gotten so wrapped up in ourselves that if someone wants to brag about buying an over priced coffee for a stranger, let them. it makes them feel good, it makes the stranger feel good, and happier people tend to be nicer and then go forth and actually DO a good thing. someone having a shitty day is not going to donate to a food bank. someone who just had their coffee paid for just might. I think it’s all interconnected, and while maybe not deserving of a medal, it is deserving of being on the side of “good things” rather than “shitty things.”

  6. The people I hear talking about the “paying it forward” are the ones who had it done for them and are showing appreciation – not the ones who bought the coffee.

    Additionally, I believe the people who pay it forward are probably also donating to the food bank, local animal shelter, women’s abuse centers, etc.

    This world could use more good deeds – regardless of what form they come in.

  7. So true. I just read her post, and you too are a kind soul for linking your post with hers.

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