Facebook, the Decay of Society, and Other Thoughts for Thursday

Hi! I’m LaFemme and I’m a Facebook addict!

Now that you’re all laughing and rolling your eyes I will let you know that I feel this is a very serious issue in our society (says the girl who is connecting with people using a blog). For years my Mother, lets call her CatLady, and my Husband, lets call him L’homme, have been preaching endlessly about how they feel that Facebook is the devil and I politely listened and rolled my eyes while wondering how my farm was doing.

However I have realized, since being around college age students more, that perhaps there is some issues with the use of Facebook. I have found that many students are barely able to communicate face-to-face, and if they do they have their phone in hand “Twextbooking” (and I claim ownership of that term) away. They don’t seem capable of even semi-formal conversations and have no idea how to carry themselves as competent adults ready to enter the real world. Then I became genuinely concerned for the future of this country…

Are we raising generations of people that have e-friends but form no real connections to people or their world?
Can you be both technologically connected and still be able to be interact IRL with humanity?
Have we reached the point where people feel the base need to post every single detail of their day-to-day for the entire world?

Having Ladybug and BumbleBaby has made me look at this a little differently. And while I know that I have several years before this becomes a concern with them, I wonder what their interactions with the world, their classmates, their classrooms will become by then.



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