What the Hell has happened to this country?!?!

HELL NO! I know that some people think that I am over-the-top with my desire for customer service, but I have had it!

This adventure started yesterday when taking my BumbleBaby to the doctor for her Well Baby visit.
After changing rooms 4 times we finally got in a room, the doctor came in, looked her over, didn’t tell me if her growth was on track or anything… was upset because her shots had gotten behind with the move and all, told me that she had and ear infection and that as soon as she walked out she was electronically submitting a prescription.

Nearly 24 hours later the pharmacy still has nothing, and after being promised a call back at 8 am, I have not heard a thing.

After MULTIPLE CALLS we just now heard that the prescription has finally been sent to the pharmacy.

I know they probably put a black mark on all of our files, but these Hookers can kiss my Hatefulass. No one fucks with my kids.


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