I’m not a Bitch, I’m a stressed mom…(Profanity included (; )

So in an effort to get more in touch with my inner writing goddess, and to get some of the psychotic Bitchery out in a non-husband direction, I have decided to be more active in some of the challenges/groups in the blog-o-sphere. With that in mind, here goes nothing:

My task today: Unorthodox parenting choices

I firmly believe that when it comes to parenting there is NO “Right Way” – This right here makes some Bitches gasp in horror, but I swear it is the truth. So here are the things that some Bastards would be up in arms over:

  • Breastfeeding – I let my children wean themselves: I didn’t force them to keep Breast-feeding just because they are supposed to for X amount of time. They knew when they were done and their doctor agreed
  • Daycare – I take my children to Daycare/Preschool: I know that according to some (including some in my family) this makes me a terrible person that allows “other people to raise my children,” but really?!?!? You Bitches need to get a grip. They learn social interaction skills that being shut up in a house with me all day will NOT teach them.
  • Co-Sleeping – Sometimes we ALL end up in one bed: When Daddy goes to work early, Mommy has to be at work at 8, and you have a toddler or preschooler that wakes up scared… sometimes it is just easier to snuggle them in with you and pass back out.
  • Eating – I let my 4-year-old drink soda (Sprite) occasionally: This is self-explanatory. I don’t think it’s the end of the world if she occasionally eats or drinks something that is “unhealthy.” My 4-year-old is such a picky eater that sometimes I’m just happy as long as she eats SOMETHING.
  • Discipline – I feel there should be consequences at home for misbehavior at school: I know some say I am a Bastard for this but I believe in accountability.
  • TV – I let my 4-year-old watch TV, not all the time, and not without breaks and outside play mixed in. But she watches mostly kid-friendly programming, although her favorite movies are the Jurassic Park series (she gets it from me), I refuse to fight with her over them being too scary when she loves them and (knock on wood) hasn’t had a nightmare about them once.

I’m sure there are many, many more decisions that people would judge me on, but to them I say Bullocks! You Buttfuckers can lick my Balls. Get your heads out of your Butts and realize that this Bitch (my favorite B word) doesn’t give a Blue-fuck about what you Boobs think!


4 Responses to “I’m not a Bitch, I’m a stressed mom…(Profanity included (; )”

  1. I had a hard time processing any of your parenting methods. I was too busy giggling at your swear words. You fit right in! “You buttfuckers can lick my balls” !!!

  2. I’ve been wondering if I should show my 4yo Jurassic Park. He never gets scared of movies. My husband thinks it’s too early…

    Thanks for joining us!

  3. Man. My kid has nightmares about everything he sees on TV that doesn’t even seem a little scary to me, and he’s 7. So we keep the TV to a Y rated level for now. That doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. I mean, we need a little Star Wars, but he says he’s not ready. Oh well.

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