I’ll be there…

Listening to this song last night I realized that there are things that I will never be rid of. Scars that will never disappear. People that if I turn my head fast enough in a crowd, I will see out of the corner of my eye. Towns that I can not go to without feeling echoes. 

There are people in this life that I will never be able to make amends with, people that I think of often that I can no longer speak to because of the mass of complications that lie between us. There are people that will always hate me and that is something that I have to realize that I will never be able to change.

There are events in my life that I wish I could go back and undo… not because I feel I was wrong, but because of all the damage they have radiated outward.


I can not change the things I have done

I can not take back the hurt that I have caused, deserved or not.

I can only be who I have become and let people make of that what they will.


Until then:

“Hundreds of, thousands of, miles in between us 
would do you no good, baby because there’s no leaving me
I’ll be there. 
Wherever you go, I’ll be there.”



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