Disappointment and the reasonable expectation of respect

Recently I was confronted with a situation, admittedly of my own making, but it was still disappointing.

After a long day at work, I picked up my children and headed back to the house. (We’re staying with family at this time) When we got home and I was trying to get my oldest to park her but and get ready for dinner, she kept sassing and giving me total attitude. When I would try to discipline her I just kept getting smart@$$ed comments thrown my direction by another member of my family. “Well she just does what she sees.” “Well she learns it from you” …etc. This kind of comments, along with others about my weight, personality, and parenting skills are common occurrences and I just lost my tolerance, said “Yes, as you remind me of almost daily, Thank you!” and went upstairs to collect myself. I had no one to vent to so made the mistake of posting that I had, “reached my limit” and that I was ready to “throw what I could in the car and move back to NC.” My issue is that someone in my family felt the need to share my frustrations with my mother (she does not have Facebook, she thinks it’s evil).

Now while I understand, as a rational human being, that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to the internet, and FB in specific… BUT I feel massively disappointed that my family would be so petulant as to run and “tattle” to my mother. Yes, my family and I are living with my parents at the moment, but I am a grown woman with a family of my own. If you have an issue with me, bring it to my face…do NOT be so childish as to run to my “mommy” like you think you are going to get me in trouble.

The funny thing is that they failed to “get me into trouble” because my mother already knew about the issue at hand.

So let me pose this question to you:

Do you think that we should be able to reasonably expect some level of privacy and respect from those that we have extended the trust of Friendship, whether face to face or virtually?


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