Recently, while supporting a loved one through some difficult relationship drama, I realized how easily we fool ourselves. We look with our hearts and make ourselves see what we want things to be instead of looking with our eyes and seeing the truth of the matter. It’s easy for us to judge someone else for doing this, but have we really taken a step back and looked at our pasts and realized that we were guilty of the same thing? It’s easy for us, as spectators, to look in at them and say, “what are they thinking?!” Easier still for us to  assume that we should open our mouths and attempt to “rectify” their “error in judgement,” but perhaps we should remember how we felt when in those situations, whether or not they were exactly the same, and just shut the hell up. Just be the shoulder, the sounding board, the pillow to scream into…

So the next time someone you love comes unwound, gets their heartbroken, gets screwed over… remember, they came to you because they love and trust you, not because you “know everything.”




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