Hell in a handbasket…or the state of customer service in this country

While out shopping the other day I grabbed some lunch and while I was waiting for my food I looked up and told my husband that I knew what my next blog was going to be about: “The state of customer service in this country.” At which point he said, “You mean the total lack of it?”

What has happened to us? Do we, as a society, have such low esteem that we feel that we deserve to be treated like crap?

I would love to blame the blasé attitude on the youth, it seems that it is the majority of worker, young and old. Whether it was in a large department store, a large box store, or a smaller restaurant it seemed that people were just putting in there shift and could give a care if anyone came in, needed assistance, or purchased anything.

I theorized that we have created generations that have no respect for anything. We have given them anything they “need” while expecting very little out of them in return. We have made impossible to punish these children simply because there are so many mediums for them these days. Take away their computer privileges? Ok, but 90% of their homework REQUIRES them to use it. Take away their cell phone? Sure, then they have no way to tell you that “insert activity here” practice is over and they need picked up. They know they have us over a barrel because for the most part parents are too busy to be involved to the point that they can enforce those punishments. These children then feel that they shouldn’t have to have any accountability. Why should they work when everything is paid for? Why should they be polite to people they interact with when they can just go on Facebook and avoid people all together? They have no concept that if they are being paid to do a job that perhaps they shouldn’t be holding up the counter gossiping with their coworkes, boy/girl-friends, or their buddies that dropped by.

That being said, I saw just as many veterans guilty of the same things. And from my past life as a customer service manager, I know their argument: “Well if those kids aren’t doing anything why should I bother working my ass off. They don’t get in trouble so neither will I.”

And even when customers complain to management, at least in the box-store that I used to work, nothing is ever done. Higher management does NOTHING, and eventually even lower level managers like I was that actually care start giving up.

What can we do to fix the state of customer service in this country? Is there anything? Or will people like me – who care about how people treat us while we are, in theory, making their paychecks possible – have to resort to meals at home and shopping online from here on out?


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