It’s an honor

After recently attending an awards dinner for a theatre that I have been involved with I would like to say that when the stars at the awards show say, “Well it was just such an honor to be nominated,” what they are thinking is… “I’m going to cut that bitch!”

Perhaps that is not acurate, and perhaps the feeling is different for the men, but I can almost guarantee that a fair few of the women are thinking that, because we certainly were that night, and that is a MUCH smaller deal.

While I was nominated in three separate categories, one for acting, one for best production (as SM), and one for set dressing, the one that I cared about most was the acting because it was the first show I had been cast in at that theatre. It was disheartening to see the judges (the same three people year after year) pick the same people as previous year. And if the titles of the show’s were different the results still felt the same.

But there goes my overweening pride again.


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