Soap box

I love discussing politics with people who I consider intelligent and worth listening to, and by that I DO NOT mean that they believe the same things as I do, but some people just inspire me to punch them. During a recent calm discussion about politics I realized why it is hopeless to believe that the government will ever compromise.

I was talking to one of my friends that I consider a moderate Republican and we were actually making some headway on what we both believed could be done about some of the top issues when BAM, they instantly turned on the defense about a stance and went on the attack without me even stating an opinion on the issue we were discussing. (After years in a call center environment being called “you people,” as soon as I hear someone generalize me into a preconceived category I instantly get the urge to slap them.) But I just felt hopeless after this conversation because if two friends can’t have an open discussion about the issues how can we expect a government full of hot tempers, personal agendas, party politics, and private interests to get their heads out and make the tough choices to make this country safer, stronger, and a better place for our children?

I confess freely to being very liberal and this country’s sudden desperate swing to ultra-conservative, while I understand the roots behind it, really makes me worry about where this country is headed.


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