New Year

So I know this is a tad bit late, but better late than never

This year… I want will…

I will get back to a healthy body image, whatever weight that might mean
I will spend more time laughing with my children
I will get my temper under control
I will get my family out of debt
I will make a home for my family
I will find a career that I can love
I will do theatre
I will be on Facebook LESS
I will make connections with people and NOT push them away
I will live my life becuase it’s all over too soon
I will love my life and my family



2 Responses to “New Year”

  1. Do you think maybe you’re setting yourself too many goals? Do you think it would be better to focus on just a few, and make sure you really commit to them? You may have too many, then you will never be truely focused and may not complete them?

    • I certainly see where your point lies, but to me these are all interconnected. Once I finish one another will fall in place. Example: If I can get my temper under control, it will make leaps and bounds toward being able to spend more time laughing with my children.
      I want to really re-evaluate where I am in my life this year. I’m turning 30, and while age doesn’t really matter to me, it is what many would consider a “landmark” year.

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