These truths we hold to be self evident…

I will be 30 this year, and if my birthday is not better this year than last I WILL HURT SOMEONE!
I love my husband
I love and would die for my children
I used to be more than this
I love my family, but they are not what they used to be.
I do not let go easily
I have next to no friends mainly because I push everyone away
I know that there are two sides to every tale
I know that there are people that will never like me, but I still want to change their minds
There is a part of me that doesn’t want to get a job
If anyone in my family tells me one more time that I need to lose weight I will scream
I used to think I was kinda pretty
When someone tells me I look better when I put a little makeup on a little piece of me dies
Ka is like a wind
I learned about stream of conciousness from Marjorie and when I blog I think of her
That I’m really a nerd
That I’m smarter than I allow myself to be


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