2012…A Review

2012 began with a new baby and all the hope and excitement that comes with bringing a new and wonderous life into the world.

2012 saw probably our best year in NC, I found a job that I really enjoyed, with people that I could appreciate working for and with. It saw me not only Stage Managing a show, but getting a part in a show, and getting triple nominated at my home theatre (although I guess I can’t use that term anymore), Hendersonville Little Theatre.

2012 saw us taking a family vacation as just our little unit of 4, our first time to Myrtle Beach, our youngest’s 1st time to ANY beach.

2012 saw tears of joy and tears of sadness. fear, anger, happiness, and indecision.

2012 saw us making a spur of the moment decision to pick up everything, leave our home, and move to be closer to family.

2012 saw us move in with family while we wait for our house to sell.

2012 saw my husband get a really good job and the girls start in a really good school.

2012 saw me hit an all time low in depression and lonliness, it saw me spending less and less time with my husband due to his new job.

2012 saw snow… lots of snow… rain, wind, heat, and fog.

2012 was a year that I can’t quite classify as good or bad. It started out ok, got really really good, and then fizzled out like a wet firework.

Maybe 2013 will bring better things and make me breathe easier again with the decision to uproot my family for my family.


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